by darwin.destroyed

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cigarettes + liquor + life changes = thefuxigive


released May 31, 2015

Mike Wagz [tracks 1 & 7]
eevee [tracks 2 & 6] (i aint pay for #2 so dont sue me PLEASE)
coryayo [tracks 3 & 8]
emune [track 4]
breeze [tracks 5 & 10] (refer to eevee)
jonBlount [track 9]
.caste. [tracks 12 & 13]
the editor [track 11]



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darwin.destroyed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

somethin like poems with a background

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Track Name: who is u?? (prod. mike wagz)
hola hombre,
mi nombre es darwin
targeted heart arsonist,
the archetype architect
i fuck relations up,
erase the smudge and pen on
cemented in selected wrongs,
demented yet he's headstrong

slithering snake,
giving these prim bitches a quake
ridiculous instinct it takes
for them to dismiss in waves
just call my phone,
I'm all alone, calm and cold
inside a forlorn residence,
infected & left unknown

im the late footing sinking in your sifting sands
the fox devastation trailing a barren land
a full five course unfinished and untouched
an insecure breath confessed and undone

never have i ever endeavored december weather
without regretting adventures, centered on how i met her
placenta has been embedded, with a cul de saccin' dead end
a fitting trend for all my dead friends..

i shoulda conformed sooner, & ordered a storm trooper suit
to mighty morph endorphins,
get quartered up with these stupid noobs
instead inbred to the purest delight
steady merging to the left as the herd gets right/

life is a living room,
somebody will make a mess of that
this world is a wound,
somebody tell me where the exit at?
Track Name: playmates♥ (prod. emune)
we should be away right now
we, don’t even need a sound
we should be away right now
we don’t even need a sound

cuddled in puddles of mud
with a muggle
the struggle
darwinian art of the lover
virgil and virgo
they’re touching from under
no shock its the summer
ecstatic in wonder
i wonder if we, could park
on the grass
call out the stars after darkening
throw darts at that ass
no bull in my eye tho
i pulled out beside you
and started to crash

didn’t have a home until your heart made room for one
you shoot me up, induce the touch
the party’s just begun

every time, i think about
drinking, you from the spout
too deepen a movement of mouth.
i fear being consumed by the drought-
of you, and that river
i shiver and shake in
consider an ageless apartment
the start of our life
and the kids that you carved out a
heart made of light
we move into unison
all love aligned
deeply respected her walls geometrics
accepted her breakfast in bed
with a pleasure
her neck is a weapon
a ruler for measure
i stick in her mind,
obdula or better
Track Name: virgoverdancy♀ (prod. breeze)
suffering humungous lust
from, this homunculus
wow i wasn’t drunk enough
to pass it up by passing out
and now I’m crushing up her guts
implant a panic button
cause its nothing but unorthodox
horn and hot loving’

the rain hits the window like a money shot
if i land it in her region id be just a bumbaclot
power struggles in the jungle
she whips me with her vine
and treats me like the alcohol
the sip gets no decline
so, if we're fucked up,
blame it on the bone in throat
that you bury in the earth
like the souls of roanoke

you like to stroke the oak,
a real tree hugger
please mother me in quotes
and be a free lease lover
as i bleed in your dimension
ill provide it with pionium
our universe collided
but for you the changes stole the buzz
that you wanted to hold for 9 months or more
didn’t wanna bring the house down
so you confront the door
well before you fly away
could you walk me to the beach
we can talk about our love
right before it falls from reach
Track Name: piscespain☂ (prod. e e v e e)
rain dancin' on my woes
rock an over coat for the pain i don’t show
gotta run away from the way that she goes
and erode
its the only way to make it i suppose

dont fuckin bother me, i’m reading into clarity
and staying true, man wouldn’t dare to jim carrey me
so tell your lady, to relay me out in montauk
a long walks, a guarantee she married me on top
every interaction on the mattress
we imagined
would’ve amounted up to a magic
hat for this attraction
she laid the curse in the bed
we climbed in it
then i put it all in her spine
to align with it
the crime is I’m smitten
bitten in bloody lust
you love it but then you leave
it decaying
collect the dust
a particle of affection
enough to give it life
the time between returns
I’ll be praying you live it right

rain dancin' on my woes
rock an over coat for the pain i don’t show
gotta run away from the way that she goes
and erode
its the only way to make it i suppose

keep the spark alive
wires keep the talk in line
hire me apart from times
I’ve been underserving of the work
even otters cry
often when the waters dry
hump the beach along the night
nothing like you curving in the surf
learn you and return you to the earth
Track Name: losing. all hope. was freedom. (prod. mike wagz)
everybody’s tryna fuck the girl i put my heart in
and all they shitty ass attempts to me just look retarded
so now I’m going doctor evil
but its not a sequel
and they keep flipping him the bird
as if i shot an eagle
so what
fuck your generican american flag fad
i’ll tear it in half, laugh
maniacally cause i’m at peace
with being alone
clean breeze on my dome
feel the sequence of the beaches
bring the sea to the foam
i been on em on and off
tracking articuno
double back
item finder
im a part of you so
it shouldn’t be so difficult to sit & sulk
over spilled milk dribbling
right off the fishing boat
if i quote a wiseman with my mind on the night stand.
could you comment on the condom in my right hand
for the fuck of it just buckle up and suck the dick
fuck the bucket list, we crumpled up
because the love were in is
too constricting and it takes you three turns
to be free of all the things you burn
when you think futures
do you see yourself alone in the distance
wishing you could return home just to kiss him?
its a mission impossible
and through probable cause
you'll be searching for the flaws involved in all the laws
of a third dimension
with no hurt prevention
i was the perfect henchman
encouraged her ascension
Track Name: equivalent exchange w/ entity (prod. coryayo)
put my hands together
to get the iron working,
alchemist how i converted it
yeah I’ve been learning
how to transmute, the discord
into a serenade
draining all the bad boy-magoi
until it wears away
the sky was grey until i took
the shades down
picked nostalgia outta my nose
and flicked it onto playgrounds
make now into a moment.
my heart and soul component.
emotion control, i pay the troll
and keep it rollin'
up these wandering roads
always pondering which problems
gotta stop in to show
another episode of vengeance
but i got friendship, and like the elric brothers
ima do whatever i can to keep this hell from others
i promise
Track Name: disguise ☁ (prod. breeze)
artist expression of the sharpest reflection
melancholy cold blue on the pallet,
towning about with a frown in the mouth
pop a cap or 3 to lighten up the addict,
dusty spiderwebs, line the inside of the head
spaced out cowboy still dining on his debt
future aspirations asking him about
the way he went
hand crafting memory cards
to save the age-less
pages ripped
out the unread nose manual
played a trick
on ramona at the haunted bar.
disguise like blaine
with a hot riddle
it got fickle when we sold our souls
from afar

*and thats why
so now I’m
making it mine
erasing lines
getting hype
livid skies
this disguise
in my eyes*

reptilian peacoat, i keep close
from reach of those
with deep goals
to sink holes
and bring bones
beneath both
to sweep earth,
repeat birth
she’s diseased but we need her
well I’ve seen enough beauty to engulf
me in a gulp
cherry bosoms on a beach,
and the holy brink of hope
so i roller rink the wave
bogie bonus to my throat
Track Name: accident forgiveness✿ (prod. the editor)
listening to drake again
shaking my head
waters working perfectly
a lake in my bed
peering out the panel
at the stars in the dark
here is where we are
until tomorrow embarks

minimum wage minimize in minimum days
set the Sun and get in the shade,
then evict your pit of a cave.
love is mineral aid,
Brock onix fixin to rage
my finger is for the birds
and a simple flick of the page
time taken, a rift in space,
continuously misplaced
I found it inside a cloud,
shine gifted to grip my face
you don’t have to change dimensions
just to change your world
and you aint gotta trade your name in
just to save the girl

a loss for words is the perfect excuse for silence
on an island tying destiny knots tighter with kairi
its a star fruit fantasy inspiring love
to bring us higher up above
minus suppliers & drugs
Track Name: [BONUS] brunch *the plate scrape* (prod. .caste.)
i don’t even know why
i don’t even know why
wake in the morning
just to get filled up

aggressively passing on kind words
smoking for fun til our sides hurt
a year older and none the wiser
i’m dumb,
i need to be on drugs to find her
and i got her where i want her
in my genie bottle
took a swig of it quickly
but didn’t mean to swallow
i gotta hollow out my head to let the sun in
and stop fucking around with the function

i don’t even know why i go outside
to get filled up
you blow my high
cause you don’t give a fuck
side scrolling your eyes
i don’t even know why
went and made lunch
then you said you had brunch
but you said you had brunch

take a seat at the table,
turn off the cable and listen
don’t say thing til I’m finished
ill scrape this plate in a minute.
i been mixing this magic
while you been mocking a muggle
i play the chord in your spine
every time they lock you in trouble
oh you got a rebuttal?
tryna claim i act like a butt hole
but i bet you got you a plug
and he smack you up when you want to
and that dreaded demon sidekick
that you reside with can suck on my dick
until i blind her eyelids

stop hurting.